Benefits with your Membership Club Card:

  • You will receive a free Club shirt
  • A reserved seat of your choice to every game*
  • Access to the 100 Square Games
You will receive a reserve name card that will be placed at your seating each week.Pick your seating for the season from designated tables, first come, first pick of seats. Currently reserved seating in bar or dining area of your choice is limited to members of 5 years or more.

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50/50 Raffle - The cost is $10 per ticket.
  • Half the Raffle Funds collected goes to the sole winner.
  • Half the Raffle Funds collected goes to the Club for: Tailgate Part, Shirts, Signage, Prizes and more.
   No funds go to any club member or officer or to ADs

Annual Membership Fees
  • Adults             $25 ea
  • Kids 5 - 17      $17 ea
  • Kids Under 5    $12 ea